Humanity of unborn makes abortion barbaric

Re: "Abortion ruling based on Jeffersonian autonomy," From Readers, Nov. 6

In his letter, Dino Drudi said that "eminent scholars" don't understand the Supreme Court's legal reasoning for the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision permitting abortion for all nine months of pregnancy because they described the decision as "indefensible." Drudi defends it on a notion of privacy.

However, the legal wrangling ignores the most important reason Roe was a barbaric decision. Justice Harry Blackmun, author of the Roe decision, wrote that if the humanity of the preborn is established, the plaintiff's case falls apart, meaning that abortion is not justified if the preborn are shown to be human.

But the humanity of the preborn from conception was known back in the 1860s and reinforced many times through the subsequent years. Even Dr. Alan Guttmacher, founder of Planned Parenthood, wrote in 1933 that the humanity of the preborn "all seems so simple and evident that it is difficult to picture a time when it wasn't part of the common knowledge."

Since 1973, modern technology, such as sonograms, have confirmed this. Justice Blackmun knew or should have known that the preborn are indeed human, which is why Roe is a legal atrocity.

John Naughton

Silver Spring

Abortion decision based on separation of church, state

Re: "Abortion ruling based on Jeffersonian autonomy," From Readers, Nov. 6

Dino Drudi's defense of reproductive choice and Roe v. Wade was right on target. We might add that the 1973 ruling was based on the Supreme Court's 1972 ruling in Baird v. Eisenstadt, written by devout Catholic Justice William Brennan, who was also one of the architects of Roe.

Abortion was legal and not uncommon during the lifetimes of the country's Founding Fathers. Opposition to reproductive choice is based on disdain for women's health and rights of conscience, and is backed by neither the Judeo-Christian scriptures nor modern science.

Our American heritage of religious freedom and separation of church and state demands that all levels of government respect the rights of conscience of all women.

Edd Doerr


Americans for Religious Liberty

Silver Spring

Blame Republicans for looming sequestration

Re: "A two month WARN-ing for defense contractors," Local Editorial, Nov. 1

While your Nov. 1 Local Editorial sought to blame Democrats for sequestration and the pending impact to Virginia and our nation, the facts point to Republicans.

In August 2011, Democrats wanted a clean vote to increase the debt ceiling, but Republicans demanded substantial budget cuts in exchange for increasing the debt ceiling. Democratic leaders ultimately agreed to passing the Budget Control Act rather than allowing the government to collapse. This increased the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion in exchange for the supercommittee tied to the fallback sequester.

The alternative to the pending sequestration offered by Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan in May 2012 cuts the take-home pay of federal employees by 5 percent while lowering future deficits by only $300 billion rather than $1.2 trillion.

This president with this Congress must take action before Jan. 1. The next Congress does not take office until Jan. 3 -- after sequestration kicks in.

Will Radle