O'Malley wants to silence the voice of the people

Re: "O'Malley: Maryland referendum process too easy," Nov. 8

Last week, fresh off of his ballot question victories, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley made the following statement: "I think we have been best served in our state in the over 200 years or moreof our history, by arepresentative democracy rather than plebiscites."

As a student of politics and a frequent visitor to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, I understand the root word of plebe. But hearing it in this context made me curious, so I looked it up. Webster's Dictionary defines plebiscite as "a vote by which the people of an entire country or district express an opinion for or against a proposal especially on a choice of government or ruler."

In simple English, plebiscite means that the people have the ability to voice their opinion on a choice made on their behalf by the government. Gov. O'Malley's choice of words was no accident.He thinks we plebes are not smart enough to figure things out and should blindly trust politicians to rule us.

The governor's arrogance of power is easily explained because of the one-party dominance in this state as well as the fact that O'Malley hasn't been challenged since his 1999 primary race for mayor of Baltimore.

His frustration with the referendum process is the more interesting aspect of his move to stifle the voice of the people in his political utopia.Simply put, he was embarrassed that we plebes had the gall to challenge his authority.O'Malley knows that without the presidential race as air cover, he might have lost one or two of his pet projects because of these pesky people and their silly petition process.

There are two ironies: 1) In order to change the rules, it will have to go before the people in the referendum process in 2014; and 2) If the changes are passed, they will not to into effect until 2015 when O'Malley is no longer in office.

It is up to us plebes to stop this usurpation on our constitutional rights.The power of representative democracy comes from the people, not the other way around.

Tony Campbell


Marylanders for Coherent & Fair Representation Inc.


Examiner lacks reality-twisting Obama filter

Re: "Examiner is out of touch with D.C.-area residents," From Readers, Nov. 9

I have recently discoveredThe Washington Examinerand have been so happy to find bipartisan, level-headed journalism in the D.C. area. It is so sad that most mainstream newspapers and TV stations are only reporting one side of the news and only the Democratic liberal opinion.

The views of many people have been skewed by President Obama's Republican bashing over the past four years. When his stimulus packages failed, he blamed it on his Republican predecessor. When he didn't know what to do about the economy, world affairs, etc., he waited to see what the Republicans in Congress would do -- and then proclaimed that their response was stupid.

Obama said Romney didn't have any polices SEmD even when Romney was explaining them during the campaign. But Romney's voice was drowned out by Obama's lies.

The reason West saysThe Examineris not "bipartisan, levelheaded journalism" is because he is wearing an Obama filter that twists reality to make the president look good. If West ever takes the filter off, he will be able to see thatThe Examiner'sjournalism is right on.

L. Randolph


Democrats must keep entitlements flowing

Liberal Democrats need minorities in order to win elections, but they have to be fed anentitlement bone once in awhile to hold their interest.

This makes them more dependent on government support, which keeps them from breaking out of poverty andout ofthecommunity-organizedurban plantation.

George Giftos

Boca Raton, Fla.