European countries demonstrate dangers of socialism

Re: "After victory, liberals want income redistribution," Nov. 27; "A mandate for socialism," Nov. 25

Conn Carroll's and Byron York's analyses of the presidential election results were excellent. Indeed, an electorate composed of the least educated, youngest and most ignorant of history delivered a second term for President Obama. His propaganda and deception campaign, hitherto unseen in a Western nation, and promise to radically transform America worked. But all Americans will pay the price.

York pointed out Obama's goal is "to protect the accomplishments of his first term." In Marxist-Leninist semantics, this means the "commonly acquired benefits" on the scale of the European Union. This suicide pact is in full fruition in Europe where the "American dream" does not exist. All socialist nations in Europe are on the verge of total economic collapse, with 25 to 45 percent unemployment.

Unfortunately Americans who want to go there do not know what is in store for them.The first thing the terminally ill body of a socialist entity does is to cut off or dramatically reduce the benefits of those who voted it in power, making the poor even poorer.

My 24 years living under Soviet communism and 13 years under West European socialism only reinforced for me the uniqueness of America and the superiority of the purely capitalistic system.

Like their European counterparts, liberals in the United States are playing with fire and should take a better look at the hopeless misery in Cuba before destroying this great nation.

Michael Gloukhov


Actor right to blast his own show

Re: "The Buzz," Nov. 27

I commend "Two and a Half Men" star Angus T. Jones for calling the show "filth" and urging people not to watch it. It is time we stop confusing smut with art and entertainment, as is clearly evident in our run-of-the-mill, anti-religious and over-sexed music videos, movies, TV shows and video games.

Dazzled by the glitter of worldliness, people have become confused about ethics once commonly held. This has led to moral relativism and an ambiguous conception of freedom which, instead of being liberating, ends up binding man to idols.

Paul Kokoski

Hamilton, Ontario


Hamas, not Israel, is terrorizing Middle East

Re: "Israel might as well be our 51st state," From Readers, Nov. 25

The Washington Examinerought to be commended for its strong stance in support of Israel given the foreseeable deluge of angry, vitriolic and dishonest letters your editorial staff and columnists like Cal Thomas must endure.

For instance, Edward Abramic begins by chastising you for failing to note that Israel is "The Grand Occupier" of the Middle East. Of course, he fails to note that Gaza is no longer under the control of the Israel military, and hasn't been since the withdrawal in 2005 -- at which time the rocket fire began and has continued unceasingly ever since.

Abramic also paints a picture of a surreptitious wealth transfer to Israel, misrepresenting the nature of U.S. foreign assistance to Israel, which is approximately $3.1 billion a year, or $30 billion over 10 years. Far from "carte blanche", 73.7 percent of military aid must be spent in the United States, on U.S.-made products.

True, this number does not include the approximately $235 million spent this year alone on joint U.S-Israel missile defense projects -- the Iron Dome, Arrow and David's Sling projects -- which would not be necessary were it not for the Hamas-directed bombardment emanating from the Gaza Strip.

It is a sad sign of the times that publications such as The Examiner cannot publish articles regarding Israel's defense against terror without being inundated by self-identified Hamas supporters like Abramic, who objects to The Examiner's "accusations" that "We [meaning presumably Hamas] purposefully use women and children as 'shields' ". It is Hamas, and those who support them, notTheExaminer's reasoned and erudite reporting, that represents "brutality at its finest."

Kyle Shideler

Director of research and communications,

Endowment for Middle East Truth