Obama voters made U.S. safe for socialism

Re: "Obama outflanks Romney, wins second term," Nov. 7

To all those who voted for Barack Obama, thank you for making the United States safe for socialism via government takeover of industries and health care, infanticide via abortion, the trashing of moral values via same-sex marriage, the jeopardizing of our national security via continued pandering to Islamist demagogues and abandonment of longtime allies, the destruction of free-market capitalism via the demonizing of profit, the subjugation of personal initiative and responsibility to state-sponsored entitlement and rule by executive fiat in place of constitutional law.

Well done.

Lawler Nicoteri

Silver Spring

Examineris out of touch with D.C. residents

Re: "Wishful thinking about an Obama second term," Editorial, Nov. 3

Tuesday's election provesthat TheWashingtonExamineris out of touch with the readers of the D.C. area.Your daily negative editorials didn't make a bit of difference in the area's election results.

The election made it clear that Republicans -- and your team of older angry white men -- don't appeal to younger voters, Latinos or black Americans.The right-wing opinions expressed by TheExaminerrun contrary to the opinions of the majority of your readers.

TheExaminerneeds to get rid of the angry white men who only can write negative editorials against Barack Obama and the Democrats.It is obvious by the amount of inches you give them that TheExamineris running scared.Please replace them with bipartisan, level-headed journalists who can write without prejudice.

The D.C. area would prefer to read anewspaper, rather than a right-wing throwaway with classifieds.

J.K. West


Obama's class warfare strategy was nothing new

Although the election did not turn out the way I expected, I did not think that it was a complete failure for the Republicans. Whether voters accepted it or not, the Romney/Ryan campaign showed them another picture of America that is completely different than Barack Obama's. It is a country with traditional, conservative family values, small government and financial discipline, and one that advocates personal accountability and responsibility while treasuring individual creativity.

For many voters who grew up in the United States, socialism might be a foreign concept, but it was very real for us who previously lived in communist/socialist countries. We easily absorbed the Republicans' message.

Being a billionaire, Romney was defenseless when the Obama campaign used the powerful and effective middle-class-and-poor-against-the-wealthy strategy. This strategy appeared innovative, but reminded me that it has already been used in China and other countries. After decades of struggling, people finally realized that real wealth comes from those who create it -- not from those who redistribute it.

Likewise, people do not get richer SEmD or poorer SEmD by blaming those who are doing better.

Helen Zheng