Army already has a warehouse full of tanks

Congress overshot the Army's need for tanks by2,000, with the extra tanks now sitting in a Nevada warehouse collecting sand.This is the point when your stomach says, "Enough."

However, Congress wants to continue the party and is asking for more tanks, because otherwise, sales would be "inadequate to sustain the industrial base and in some cases uncertain. In light of this, modest and continued Abrams production for the Army is necessary to protect the industrial base."

Why not build something the Army will actually use instead of paying for more tanks that are only headed for storage?

Paul Wasik


This Democrat is voting for the Republican

I've been a registered Democrat formore than 50 years, but I will not vote for President Obama. In my view, his presidency has been a failure.

Obama's poor performanceis primarily attributable to his lack of experience and not establishing a good working relationship with the opposition party in Congress and leaders in the private sector.He devoted too much time and effort on Obamacare instead of trying to improve our economy and address other critical issues.

The president'seffort to craft a new health care plan should be applauded.However, Obamacare may eventually fail when more of its provisions go into effect and the additional costs are borne by individual policyholders and companies that insure their employees.

Unlike President Truman, who took responsibly for both his accomplishments and failures by stating that"the buck stops here,"this president takes credit for policies he perceives to be successful, but blames his failures on Republicans or the previous administration.

And having spent three years and four months in various Nazi ghettos and concentration camps, under no circumstances can Ivote for a chief executive who has bowed downto ahead of state of any country, especially Communist China and Saudi Arabia.

I am confident that if elected, Mitt Romney will use his experience in business and finance to pursue policies beneficial for the country, includingtaking control of our national debt, improving our balance of trade, and curtailingcyber-espionage, currency manipulation and predatory trade practices by China, which seriously undermine oureconomy and national security.

Ruben Moller


Libya tragedy reveals administration's incompetence

The families of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the three other Americans who senselessly lost their lives in Libya must be inconsolable, but there will be no relief for their grief as it becomes more apparent that this tragedy was completely avoidable.

For the Obama administration not to foresee the likelihood of an attack on the anniversary of 9/11, and to have refused prior requests for additional security, is inexcusable. The subsequent smoke-and-mirror attempts to cover up what happened have only added insult to injury.

The Libya debacle made it vividly clear that Obama's foreign policy is just as feckless as his domestic policies. To quote Sen. Lindsey Graham: "Libya is exhibit A of a failed foreign policy."

Dennis Willer

Barrie, Ontario