Obama will drive us all off cliff in Chevy Volts

Re: "Prez tips Romney in fiery rematch," Oct. 17

The second presidential debate was illuminating in that it pointed out the Democrats' one and only platform: Tax the rich. Nothing like bringing everyone together!

Class warfare is certainly an enviable position for the president to espouse, but who might the rich be?

Hollywood actors and rock stars? Or people who worked hard, denied themselves luxuries and saved their money?

Has anyone pointed out to this crowd that many people with accumulated wealth give it back to universities, the arts and other philanthropic endeavors that actually benefit society as a whole?

President Obama and his elitist cronies think they know what should be done with other people's wealth: pass it on to Solyndra and Fisker. And let's not forget the auto bailout he takes full credit for even though it supported bad business practices.

I wonder how the American public will feel in four years if Obama is re-elected and we can all drive over the proverbial cliff in our Chevy Volts.

Tom Winthrop


Gadhafi's own words condemned him

Re: "Libya militias 'executed' Gadhafi loyalists," Oct. 17

Human Rights Watch members wring their hands over Libyan revolutionaries summarily executing strongman Moammar Gadhafi and his henchmen, calling it "murder" in their naive report "Death of a Dictator: Bloody Vengeance in Sirte" in which they even demanded war crimes trials.

Early in the revolution, Gadhafi vowed to fight to the "last man, last woman, last bullet" and labeled Libyans agitating for his ouster as "rats".This left revolutionary fighters who caught up with him holed up in a drainpipe no basis to accept his surrender in good faith.

Given the parameters Gadhafi himself laid down, the "last bullet" turned out to be the one that killed him, and the "last woman" was his daughter, who was forced to flee the country the day before giving birth to Gadhafi's grandson.

Virginia's flag featuresBrutus' "Sic semper tyrannis" ["Thus Always to Tyrants"] with the foot of the female Virtus, representing Virginia, on a prostrate man with crown, chain and scourge representing tyranny.

Most Americans would not interpret the offing of a tyrant as murder.How is Gadhafi's execution different from the execution of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini by partisans late in World War II when his corpse was displayed on a meat hook?

Dino Drudi


More transparency, less secretive legislating

Every year Congress passes nearly 2,000 pages worth of laws without American citizens' approval. It is un-American and very far from government of, by and for the people. Passing bills in secret is not acceptable behavior for any politician, especially our members of Congress.

The current political process guarantees poorly thought out laws, loopholes and bills that favor self-serving special interests and the powerful rather than the good of all. This process fosters and guarantees corruption in the halls of government.

Congress must allow citizens ample time to see the final versions ofall bills well before they vote. It's as simple as that.

Jerrol LeBaron

Executive director,