McGovern never got to debate Nixon in 1972

Re: "George McGovern, Dem nominee in 1972, dies at 90," Oct. 22

Richard Nixon refused to debate George McGovern during the 1972 presidential campaign. Maybe now, after 40 years, they will finally be able to hash things out in the hereafter.

Rest in peace, Sen. McGovern.

Denny Freidenrich

Laguna Beach, Calif.

Cutting taxes will help homeless more than handouts

Re: "It is time to commit to our homeless neighbors," Oct. 19

John Enzler urges usto "commit to our homeless neighbors."I submit thatone way to help them is to reform the policies that help create homelessness in the first place.People are sometimeshomeless because they're too crazy to come in out of the rain, but other reasons are that unemployment is high, available jobs don't pay enough and housing costs too much.

Currently, if you hire someone, both employer and employee are hit with payroll taxes. If you build housing, you have to pay the property taxon the buildings. If youstart a successful business, you're hit with corporate as well as personal income taxes.

But if you buy a vacant lot, do nothing, and then resell it at a profit, your capital gains are taxed at alower rate than earned income.

We should replace the current property tax with a tax only on the value of land, and cut other taxes as well.Then we would discourage useless speculationinstead of punishing job creation and the erection of needed housing.

Nicholas D. Rosen


Allen has experience on major issues facing U.S.

Re: "For Senate: Vote for George Allen," Editorial, Oct. 19

As a Virginia resident, I support your endorsement of George Allen to be the next senator from our commonwealth.

You accurately described Allen as a common-sense conservative. He has a history as a popular and successful governor who will lead on the issues, including fostering energy independence and job creation. His experience and renewed perspective will be beneficial to any effort to address federal spending and the deficit.

Allen also brings other advantages to the position. He has provided leadership on a balanced budget. He has been a strong supporter of education, especially in science and technology. He fought against taxing the Internet. And he has foreign relations experience.

Given what is now happening in our nation and the world, George Allen's experience will be invaluable in the U.S. Senate -- and to our next president.

Audrey Dutton