Federal workers should not be hit with commuter tax

As much as I respect and support Rep. Darrell Issa's work on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, I must take exception to his consideration of a commuter for non-D.C. residents who work in the District.

As a Virginia resident who has commuted to D.C. for work for 16 years, I do not support such a tax.One reason is that while I would prefer that my federal agency relocated its headquarters in my state, the D.C. mayor's office and congressional delegation starts squawking about losing federal workers at any hint that agencies are considering a move to either Virginia or Maryland.

The renewed growth of D.C. neighborhoods such as Penn Quarter and NoMa would not be possible without all those federal workers who have been relocated to offices in those areas, often against their preference because it increasedtheir commuting time.

We federal workers shop and dine in D.C. on a daily basis and generate tax revenue that more than compensates the city for any need to maintain roads, which for those of us who use Metro is a moot point.

But if such a commuter tax were to be imposed, I hope that Maryland and Virginia return the favor.

Arlene Kennison


Airport patrons should pay for Silver Line

Re: "Public comment on proposed Dulles Toll Road rates," Aug. 20

It is ridiculous that Loudoun County residents should have to pay higher tolls to subsidize Metrorail riders and airport passengers.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority should add tollbooths to the airport access road to cover the cost of the Silver Line construction, since it will mainly benefit airport users and MWAA employees. Instead, MWAA is unfairly putting the burden on Dulles Toll Road users like me who may never use the rail system.

For more than 20 years, I have driven on the toll road twice a day. Soon I will not be able to afford my daily commute and will be forced to look for longer alternatives. And I will not be alone.

What really gets me is that we already pay substantial state and county taxes and should not have to foot the bill for a Metro line that will not make an appreciable difference in traffic congestion.

Enough is enough. For those of us who live in Loudoun County, our only other option is to take Interstate 66 East or Routes 7 or 50 to avoid the tolls.We were just hit with the Greenway toll increases, and now again on the Dulles Toll Road.

Listen to us, please, and find another way to fund the train to Dulles airport.

Patricia Sweeney


Egyptian president shows no gratitude to U.S.

It takes considerable gall on the part of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to dictate the terms of the relationship between his country and the United States when he accepts an annual payment of well over $1 billion from our country.

The United States was instrumental in having him come to power, as we encouraged the overthrow of our longtime ally, Hosni Mubarak.But Morsi apparently thinks thatU.S. values should not be applied to Arab nations -- or even within the U.S. if they are in conflict with Islam.

Is the new president grateful for either our political or economic support?Apparently not, based on his dictation of future relations between our two nations.

Nelson Marans

Silver Spring