Maryland absentee ballot process is flawed

As an octogenarian not wishing to stand in line for two hours to vote, I decided to take what I thought would be a simple method of voting in this general election. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Instead, my recent effort to obtain an absentee ballot for voting in the general election shows that this is a fruitless exercise. After a call was made on Tuesday, Oct. 16, for an absentee ballot, a form was sent to fill out for applying for one. The form was received on Saturday, Oct. 20. The application was completed and signed and was mailed early on Monday, Oct. 22, but no absentee ballot was received as of Monday, Oct. 29. A phone call elicited the information that the application for an absentee ballot was never received.

The mailbox that I used for sending the form for applying for an absentee ballot has been completely trustworthy. Where did my application go? Why was it not processed? Why did I waste my time and postage in such a futile effort? I would like a response from the Board of Elections of Montgomery County.

Nelson Marans

Silver Spring

Don't re-elect someone who failed to protect Americans

Would you hire a baby sitter with a record of neglect, excuse-making and indifference to security and child welfare? Would you consider that person competent to oversee the safety of all children in America?

Don't rehire the current president for four more years of blatant incompetence and indifference toward the primary obligation in his job description, the protection of American citizens from foreign and domestic enemies.

President Obama's refusal of aid and protection to the highest-ranking U.S. citizen in Libya, Ambassador Christopher Stevens, is tantamount to treason.

Under President Reagan, Islamic terrorists who murdered an American citizen on the Italian cruise liner Achille Lauro in 1985 were apprehended within four hours.

Elizabeth Ward Nottrodt


Obama administration refuses to court-martial terrorism suspect

Former Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 12 innocent Americans and injured 32 others in an attack at Fort Hood, Texas, more than three years ago. As of this date, he still has not been court-martialed or tried by a military court for this act of terror. The Obama administration refuses to call this an act of terror or terrorism.

It would behoove Congress to initiate a congressional investigation into why and who is causing the delay of Hasan's trial in the Obama administration. The victims and relatives of the victims at Fort Hood have demanded that this attack be labeled as terrorism.

As a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars, I resent this delay by the Obama administration to bring this terrorist to justice.

Al Eisner

Silver Spring