Court order to end strike is un-American

Re: "Chicago teachers union to continue to strike," Sept. 17

Traditional American values may not support many of the actions that unions take, and the Chicago Teachers Union certainly seems worthy of rebuke, however Rahm Emanuel's attempt to court-order them into working should not be seen as heroic by anyone. Standing up to these teachers is a good thing, but using the political system to force them into action does not promote the individual liberty that has made America a beacon of hope.

The problem has arisen because of an overarching government that has cornered the market in education. The only remedy will be the emergence of private education to compete with these over-bloated public schools; only then will the children in Chicago truly receive the education they deserve.

Dylan Sclater


Violence should not be blamed on free speech

On "Morning Joe" on Sept. 17, Joe Scarborough repeatedly and emphatically said that the anti-Islam film was an "excuse" for rampant violence by Islamist extremists who hate us. Contrariwise, our UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, told "This Week" on Sept. 16, that violence was the "direct result" of the film.

In short, Rice blamed the filmmaker and effectively exonerated the perpetrators of the violence. Scarborough, correctly, put the blame where it belongs, on those who don't realize that the response to speech is more speech, and not violence.

Susan Rice's comments were an insult to America and a blatant defense of our enemies, the Islamist extremists.

Rice should not be purporting to serve out nation. She should resign forthwith, or be fired by President Obama.

Nathan Dodell



Re: "Libertarians have a stake in traditional values, too," Sept. 16

Bill Flax points out that marriage is an "institution antecedent to America's very existence." Slavery is another such institution, but I am guessing he would agree with the government ban on the practice. Bill Flax can boycott gay marriage ceremonies, and disown his own kids if they choose to marry somebody of the same gender, but unless he wants to be a LINO, he cannot call himself a libertarian and argue that government cannot tinker with an institution just because of its age.

Len Davidson

Silver Spring