Romney's leadership on display in Tampa

Re: "Mitt woos women, pledges 12m jobs," Aug. 31

With his acceptance speech on Thursday night at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., Mitt Romney did what he does best: He closed the deal.

The Obama camp is asking for four more years to do what the president has failed to do. The Romney camp, on the other hand, is offering experience, a record of performance and solutions to our economic problems. That's leadership.

Thank goodness 2012 is an election year. Not only do we select state and congressional representatives, but 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is also in play. Before voters stampede to the polls in about two months, they need to stop and think about the huge choice before them.

President Obama had four years, but he wouldn't listen and didn't care to consider any options to his policies, so the mess only keeps growing. We're running out of time.

Voters should give the Romney-Ryan partnership four years to turn things around.

Chinyere Uzoukwu

Adelphi, Md.

Tax-exempt churches should not engage in political activity

Re: "Making a choice between government or more transparency," Aug. 31

Mark Tapscott expresses dissatisfaction with Lori Anderson's insistence that the Catholic Church cannot collect donations to support a campaign to preserve traditional marriage. He sees this as a violation of the First Amendment.

But there are already restrictions on what church leaders are permitted to say in church. For example, they cannot actively encourage parishioners to vote for one particular candidate or another.

I would argue that asking for support for a law whose purpose is the preservation of traditional marriage is also veering into political activity, and that is a no-no for a house of worship

While I personally support the right to marry for all and feel that no religious group's beliefs should ever be used as an excuse to deny rights to others, I think individual churches should be free to tell their flocks whatever they wish.Just start paying taxes like everyone else and there would be no problem.

Jason Ramage


Reader's comments are pro-abortion propaganda

Re: Most 'right-to-lifers' are scientifically ignorant, From Readers, Aug. 29

Dino Drudi opined that pro-lifers are scientific, theological and spiritual Neanderthals and complained that they are predominately Catholic. His erroneous opinions are anti-Catholic, obsolete pro-abortion propaganda.

Although Catholics observe God's commandment, "Thou shall not kill," and impeccable theological positions by history's greatest theologians to stop the often painful execution of defenseless preborn humans, there are many pro-lifers of other denominations also doing outstanding work, indicating that Drudi knows little about the pro-life movement.

He is also unaware that one of the world's leading scientists, Dr. Jerome Lejuene, the "Father of Embryology" was a Catholic who has been nominated for sainthood because of his exemplary spiritual life. Dr. Lejuene discovered the chromosome causing Down syndrome and led the way in showing how the human embryo develops.

Embryology has now progressed to the point where prenatal surgery saves many preborn lives. It is now the standard of care for spina bifida.

William Luksic