Joan Walsh is a slightly tragic individual.

She's not terribly intelligent, nor terribly interesting, nor terribly important.

On a normal day, Walsh makes a name for herself by offering idiotic remarks. This trend is best evidenced by an amusing 2008 debate between Walsh and Christopher Hitchens. Walsh tried to defend former President Barack Obama's appointment of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. She said it was as a policy-focused rather than political gambit. Hitchens then spent the next five minutes intellectually deconstructing Walsh.

Still, in recent years, Twitter has been Walsh's salvation. It gives her an avenue to post sarcastic tweets and warn of impending GOP-fostered armageddon. It also gives her a way to pledge fealty to the new-Left of anti-police activism. Again, normally, Walsh's tweets are simply boring and idiotic.

Sometimes however, Walsh jumps off the deep end.

Thursday was one such day.

There's a malevolent ridiculousness to that tweet. It portrays law enforcement agents as "Mad Max"-style thugs, and violent illegal immigrants as victims of tyranny. In doing so, it dishonors not just the thousands of ICE agents who go out every day to try and protect U.S. citizens, but basic reality.

Those agents include Victor Avila, who this week gave testimony in the case against two Mexican drug criminals accused of murdering his partner, Jaime Zapata. Zapata was shot and killed in a 2011 ambush in Mexico. Zapata went to Mexico to challenge gangs who are destroying Mexican civil society and seek to do the same in the United States.

In many ways, Walsh's tweet evidences the hardest edge of liberal elitism: its pretense of respect for minorities, alongside the practical reality of utter disinterest.

After all, who is it that ICE dedicate their resources to catching?

In the vast majority of cases it is not otherwise law-abiding illegal-immigrants, but gang members like those who killed Zapata. Gangs such as MS-13, the 18th street gang, and the latin kings, who murder their way into the control of impoverished neighborhoods. If you think these gangs are misunderstood or their brutality exaggerated, talk to someone who knows. I have.

Most sick though, is what Walsh's agenda would mean if enacted. Because if ICE were pulled back from its job, it would not be wealthy white people such as Walsh who would be the first to suffer. Instead, it would be poor Hispanic-Americans who would live at the mercy of gangland dominions.

But don't expect Walsh to change. Twitter is her altar for public self-flagellation at the altar of irredeemable white privilege. That's her brand, and unfortunately she has a small brain.