A new opinion piece in the University of Southern California campus newspaper says that “Liberal bias in faculty is not as big or bad as it seems.

“Even though most professors lean left, their politics don’t prejudice their teaching, but inform and create it … their political beliefs are an inevitable and inescapable consequence of their work,” Sonali Seth, a senior policy, planning, and development major, writes in the Daily Trojan.

Well, Sonali, we see your “point” but just because it doesn’t bother you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother anyone at all.

It’s important to note that of course there are professors who share their political opinions in the classroom — as any human would — but what happens when a political opinion turns into political bias? If you lean to the left, probably nothing would happen. But what if you lean to the right? Yes, conservatives exist on college campuses, and if you’re one of them, then you better watch out.

A study published by Econ Journal Watch in 2016 found that in a sample of 7,200 professors, roughly 3,600 were registered Democrats, while only 314 were registered Republican — a 12-to-1 ratio. Based off those numbers, it would be easy to make the claim that universities are politically liberal institutions.

But as Seth writes, “The mere fact that there are more liberal than conservative professors is not enough to sound the alarm bells that our universities are hotbeds of liberal brainwashing.”

So then my question to Seth would be: "What is enough to start ringing the bells?"

Would it be the professor at San Diego State University that assigned a quiz asking students to identify their level of white privilege? Or the associate dean of library and information access who referred to the Republican party as a “terrorist group”? How about former University of Southern California, Los Angeles, lecturer Keith Fink who was let go from his position at the university for “purely political” reasons?

I could continue on listing a thousand more scenarios of political bias on college campuses, but I’ll save you the embarrassment. The bottom line is that if you’re a liberal on a college campus, you’re more than comfortable in your environment. If you’re anything else, you probably spend your time shaking your head at the liberal indoctrination in the classroom and the sheep you sit within class.

Brandon Jones is the president of the San Diego State University College Republicans.