Liberals are determined to make former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sit back and retire (not the worst thing in the world, but the woman wants to continue to work).

Fresh off a successful protest of Mozilla that led to the resignation of CEO Brendan Eich, the Left is now determined to boycott the file-sharing website Dropbox for naming Rice to its board of directors.

And even though the boycott campaign - called “Drop Dropbox” - claims that its concerns with Rice are “not an issue of partisanship,” all but one of its complaints focus on partisan arguments.

1. Rice “helped start the Iraq war

Just two paragraphs after saying its complaints against Rice are not partisan, Drop Dropbox opens with the Iraq War. Because war and file-sharing go hand-in-hand, right? Clearly this woman would… start some sort of… file-sharing war that would kill…

I can’t even come up with a connection. Her involvement in a war that people disagree with has nothing to do with file-sharing – and Drop Dropbox doesn’t even try to connect the two.

But this is no partisanship, right?

2. Rice “was involved in the creation of the Bush administration’s torture program”

Again, what does this have to do with file-sharing and how is it not partisan?

Unless the Drop Dropbox people think Rice’s first order of business will be to implement an employee/user torture program, there’s no way this argument disqualifies her from sitting on a board of directors.

3. Rice “not only supports warrantless wiretaps, she authorized several”

At least this argument relates to Dropbox.

In September 2013, Dropbox found itself in hot water after it was revealed the website had been looking at users' files. Dropbox countered that the process was automated and necessary to create a preview of the document, and that only a small number of employees could access user data.

It could be argued that Rice, who supported Bush’s surveillance programs (which Obama also now supports, even though he sort of denounces them publicly), should not be on the board of a company that has access to personal files.

Because it’s not like Dropbox doesn’t already have that access.

4. “Rice was on the board of directors at Chevron

Dropbox protesters’ don’t even try to connect this to file-sharing, saying simply that – gasp – Rice was on the board of Chevron before she worked in the Bush administration.

Seriously? This is supposed to be not partisan? The people who started this campaign just hate fossil fuels (and suggested their hatred using a computer, which runs on electricity, which is fueled by coal).

This isn't even the first time this year that Rice has been the subject of the liberal outrage machine. In March, Rutgers University was inundated with complaints because the university wanted Rice to give the 2014 commencement address.

Because, tolerance.