It started with President Obama's former campaign operation, now called Organizing for Action, which suggested that Thanksgiving might be a good time to talk to your family about signing up for Obamacare.

"Make sure you have a plan for when, where, and how you’ll talk to your family about health insurance," their message read, encouraging supporters to "start early," "don't wait," and "integrate the talk into family time."

The marching owners continue: Make it personal! Be persistent! Get creative! Make it memorable!

Good grief.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the liberal anti-gun group, joined the plan to insert their agenda into American's family time.

"Everyone has friends and relatives with strong opinions and shaky facts," the email informs supporters. "You can help set the table straight — all you need is this simple guide to Talking Turkey about guns!"

Not to be left out, the Democratic National Committee sent out a "Democrat's guide to talking politics with your Republican uncle."

"The holiday season is filled with food, traveling, and lively discussions with Republican relatives about politics — sometimes laced with statements that are just not true," they note, offering "7.8 million reasons why your Republican uncle is wrong" on the economy.

"Devoting our whole show on Wednesday to how to talk about politics, news with conservative family members. Should be fun!" MSNBC's Chris Hayes tweeted on Monday.

So if your liberal friends and relatives start yammering liberal talking points this Thanksgiving, these are the people who are responsible.

I enjoyed Jim Geraghty's response to this year's trend at National Review yesterday:

Treat your family members as people you love and appreciate — or at least tolerate — instead of targets for political conversion. You only get one or two families in this life — the one you're born into, and the one you marry into. Maybe if you're lucky, you become "like a son" or "like a sister" to another. There's a lot to talk about in this world beyond politics, and chances are you're not going to persuade disagreeing relatives, anyway.

It's good advice. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!