“From Colorado? Like pot? Want to be on the cover of Reason magazine?” That’s the pitch managing editor Katherine Mangu-Ward put up on the magazine’s website Thursday.

The posting asks for “reasonably photogenic humans” to illustrate an upcoming cover story on the legal marijuana industry in the state and is soliciting readers involved in it to provide pictures.

But the magazine doesn’t want to upset the squares too much, so the editors are pre-emptively harshing the buzz of some Colorado pot enthusiasts:

Here’s the catch: The headline of the story is “Pot Goes Legit.” So we’re not looking for pictures of hilarious stoners with Bob Marley posters in the background.

Quite the opposite. To win, you’ll need to be willing to expose your respectable side to the world.

Send us selfies where you are smoking, growing, or just possessing marijuana while looking otherwise ordinary. You should be in a suit, surrounded by a white picket fence, or petting your dog in an armchair with no visible springs. Bourgeois. Businesslike. You get the idea.

Mangu-Ward concludes the post with this: ”If all of you guys and gals just wind up looking like a bunch of scruffy, red-eyed stoners, we reserve the right to declare everyone a loser and use an alternate image.”