Located in Vienna, Virginia, Dr. Nancy Tanchel and her team at Liberty Laser Eye Center offer state-of-the-art LASIK surgery to patients from all over the Washington DC and Mid-Atlantic Region. Laser vision correction allows people who currently use corrective contact lenses and/or prescription glasses to read, play sports, drive, and go about daily life without the hassle of contacts or glasses. LASIK Liberty Laser Eye Center was the first in the region to offer the new, blade-free Z-LASIK, which boasts faster healing and visual recovery for All-Laser LASIK patients. And in 2003, the team was the first to use the Intralase Femtosecond laser.

Nancy Tanchel, M.D., heads the team at Liberty Laser as medical director. Dr. Tanchel is one of the few full-time refractive LASIK surgeons in the country, and she was the first woman in the world to utilize the femtosecond laser in her Tysons Corner center. Since earning degrees from Emory University and John Hopkins University, Dr. Tanchel has performed over 15,000 LASIK, All-Laser LASIK, and PRK procedures. Dr. Tanchel says she has “the best job in the world” because she gets to “help people enjoy their lives more on a daily basis.”

Right now, Liberty Laser Eye Center offers a variety of corrective vision procedures.

Wavefront Analysis - This way of measuring how the eye focuses light gives Dr. Tanchel highly accurate, comprehensive data on each patient’s visual performance. Dr. Tanchel uses this data to better map and guide the laser treatment. Wavefront analysis can help make a patient’s vision sharper and also clearer in dim light.

Presby-LASIK – Also called P-LASIK, this procedure improves near vision for people over the age of 40 by changing the shape of the eye’s cornea. P-LASIK has been performed in Europe for several years with very promising results, and Dr. Tanchel is currently the only doctor in her region who offers the service.

All-Laser Lasik – The femtosecond laser used in this procedure eliminates the most serious risks associated with the LASIK procedure. Dr. Tanchel was the first in the region to use this technology, and she now has 5 years of experience with it under her belt. Liberty Laser Eye Center has also begun integrating Z-LASIK, the most advanced form of femtosecond laser currently available, for the ultimate in accuracy and efficiency.

 • PRK – Similar to LASIK procedures, PRK is a more established form of corrective vision. The treatment happens only on the surface of the eye, rather than under a flap as for LASIK procedures. The healing process for PRK procedures is typically a bit slower than that of LASIK, with patients reporting complete vision restoration within a week rather than within a few hours.

The team at Liberty Laser Eye Center makes a point of being the first to offer advanced vision correcting technology in the Mid-Atlantic region. With thousands of satisfied patients and years of experience, Dr. Tanchel and her team plan to stay at the forefront of corrective vision surgeries for many years to come. LASIK is about more than better vision, after all – it’s about an improved quality of life. Combining the most advanced laser eye equipment available with Dr. Nancy Tanchel’s years of LASIK eye surgery experience, Liberty Laser offers the best care possible for patients from Northern Virginia to Washington DC.