It turns out single Republicans like "Game of Thrones." And if you're in D.C., chances are you know one of them.

About a third of the 7,000 users signed up on politically oriented dating sites RedStateDate and BlueStateDate are from the metro area, and it seems those singletons have a lot in common ... when it comes to their viewing habits.

The sites' founder, Alexander Fondrier, released data to Yeas & Nays indicating that the second-most-popular show listed by users on both sites is the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory." Four other shows overlap: "The Walking Dead," "Game of Thrones," "Dexter" and "Homeland." But not only do GOPers like "Game of Thrones" about twice as much as Democrats, they rank source book "A Song of Ice and Fire" on their list of top 15 most popular books. In other words, more Republicans probably saw a certain "Red Wedding" in a recent HBO episode coming than Democrats.

"Star Wars" also crosses even the most definitive political lines, showing up at No. 2 on both sites' lists of favorite user movies. Both sites display a love of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "The Avengers" and "Gladiator," as well. So if you're open to date outside your political party, remember entertainment may unite us all.