Female fans, including Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., were pleased to see actor and musician John Corbett on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. "You may recognize him from some television roles and movie roles. He was in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' ... and my personal favorite, 'Sex and the City,' " Sanchez gushed during her introduction. "I asked him to take his shirt off earlier, and if you guys are enthusiastic enough, he may do that later," she laughed.

Corbett and his songwriting buddy Jon Randall Stewart appeared on behalf of the Recording Academy as the group familiarized itself to members of the 113th Congress. "Someone else in the hall earlier said, 'Excuse me, are you Jeff Bridges?' " the bearded Corbett said, before he and Stewart played four songs.

"We're used to playing bar settings," he told Yeas & Nays afterward, calling the congressional audience "scary and daunting." As for that taking off that shirt for Sanchez? "I think she's a fan of ... the baptism scene in 'Big Fat Greek Wedding,' so she wanted to relive it," he joked.