Sen. Lindsay Graham said Sunday the Trump administration has "a blind spot on Russia" and that Russia's alleged hacking of Democratic emails may have been an act of war.

The South Carolina Republican was addressing the administration missing a deadline to implement new Russia sanctions in legislation that Trump reluctantly signed in August.

"I think that the Trump administration is slow when it comes to Russia. They have a blind spot on Russia I still can't figure out, but I can tell you what happened in ‘16," Graham said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"Where the Russia investigation takes us, it will take us," he said. "In ‘16 they interfered in our elections, I don't think it affected the outcome, but in ‘18 and ‘20 they are coming back against us."

Graham, a foreign policy hawk with a traditional view of Russia as a U.S. adversary, said there were significant post-2016 questions that the American government must answer.

"What are the rules of engagement? Did what they do in 2016 amount to an act of war? How do we respond to cyberattacks?" he said, adding: "Russia is going to get worse if not better, and Mr. President, go after Russia because they are coming after us."

The senator, who golfed on two separate weekends with President Trump this month, said he believes Trump is "coming to understand the threats" the country faces.