Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to appear in court today, but her lawyer submitted documents notifying the judge that she's too ill to fly (she's in New York, and the hearing is in Los Angeles).

Her new attorney had a note from a Park Avenue doctor who says Lindsay has an upper respiratory infection and can't fly for her own safety as well as the safety of the public, according to TMZ. He also submitted an article from the New York Post saying the flu has hit New York City.

Funny thing about that is, the gossip site snapped photos of Lindsay on Tuesday embarking on an all-day shopping spree. The photos also show the actress smoking -- something that is not recommended if you've got an upper respiratory infection.

If the judge thinks her excuse for being absent in court is made up, an arrest warrant can be issued.

Back in the hot seat

After the alleged fight between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean that went down over a parking spot in West Hollywood, no charges have been filed or arrests made. Yet.

Frank has since indicated that he wants to press charges against Breezy, who allegedly punched Frank in the face (C.B. was photographed Tuesday with a cast on his right hand).

Chris is still on probation for beating his former and current girlfriend, Rihanna, before the 2009 Grammys. So if Frank files charges, it's possible that Chris' probation could be revoked.

Taking responsibility

There were a lot of fingers pointing at Bobby Brown for getting late singer Whitney Houston hooked on drugs when she died in February.

But Whit's brother, Michael Houston, has told Oprah Winfrey that he was the one who introduced her to drugs.

Michael says he feels guilty for her death.

"It's painful," he told O. I feel responsible for what I let go so far."