But will the struggling starlet see real jail time?

Could we see Lindsay Lohan back in jail next year?

According to TMZ, the "Liz & Dick" star had her probation revoked by L.A. Commissioner Jane Godfrey on Wednesday.

Lindsay, who did not show up to court, has been accused of reckless driving and lying to police officers after a June car crash on California's Pacific Coast Highway.

Godfrey scheduled a hearing for Jan. 15 to let a judge decide if LiLo violated her probation. She faces up to 245 days behind bars.

But given her past, will she even see the inside of a jail cell?

Lindsay has been arrested six times and has spent very little time behind bars. In 2007, after being busted for DUI and cocaine possession, LiLo managed to serve only 84 minutes of her one-day prison sentence. And in 2010 when she violated her probation, she served less than two weeks of her 90-day prison sentence.

When Lindsay was charged with felony theft of a necklace in 2011, she was sentenced to 120 days in jail, but due to overcrowding was able to serve just 35 days at home with an ankle monitor.

Later in 2011, she was sentenced to 30 days for failing to complete her community service and spent less than five hours in jail before being released.

So start making predictions, bets or rules for your LiLo-inspired drinking game. If she is sentenced to 245 days, how many will she actually serve?