Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., says he has reason to believe he was incidentally surveilled by the Obama administration and may have been unmasked.

"I have reason to believe that a conversation I had was picked up with some foreign leader or some foreign person and somebody requested that my conversation be unmasked," Graham told Fox News Friday.

According to Graham, intelligence officials have told him that 1,950 instances of Americans talking to foreign agents have been surveilled, either by the CIA, FBI or the National Security Agency. He is now questioning whether the Obama administration used that surveillance for political ends.

"Here is the concern. Did the people in the Obama administration listening to these conversations, was there a politicizing of the intelligence gathering processes?" Graham asked. "Are the 1,950 collections on American citizens? How many of them involved presidential candidates, members of Congress from either party and if these conversations were unmasked, who made the request?"

The South Carolina senator said he has evidence that suggests he was incidentally surveilled, but is unsure if he was unmasked. He sent a letter on May 23 to the CIA, FBI and NSA requesting information regarding any collection pertaining to him.

He added he would be "upset" if any member of the executive branch listened in on his conversations with foreign leaders and if they suspected a crime was being committed, a warrant should have been obtained.