Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is doubtful Congress will be able to pass tax reform if it cannot first respond to Obamacare.

"We need to keep trying on healthcare. If we fail on healthcare, we're going to fail on taxes," Graham told Fox News Tuesday morning.

Graham said the GOP-led Senate is "not moving on" and is "going to listen to President Trump."

"We're going to get 'er done. We should be politically horse-whipped if we do not deliver for the American people. The best idea's still on the table — mine hasn't even been tried," Graham added.

Graham's plan would allow federal dollars to be block-granted back to the states, which would then be in charge of designing individual healthcare systems. Graham said the program would empower state choice and give residents an easier way to get the specific type of healthcare system they want.

Despite Graham's push, however, many Republicans are skeptical of the idea that the Senate can do anything on healthcare this year.