Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., floated the possibility of a three-week funding bill Friday night hours before government spending expires and despite his vow not to support another “continuing resolution.”

Graham told reporters that while he still opposes a deal that extends funding until Feb. 16 or a short-term measure lasting less than a week, he would consider a three-week bill and argued that would be sufficient amount of time to hammer out a long-term spending deal and a legislative fix for so-called "Dreamers."

“I want a result. Three or four days makes no sense. The State of the Union week — it may as well not be here,” Graham said, noting that Republicans are going on their retreat that week. “I don’t believe it’s fair to him to have the CR run out the day before his speech.”

“The week after the State of the Union seems to be a prime area for us to land,” Graham said.

“I think we’re on the 10-yard line on a lot of issues,” Graham said, pointing to defense spending and immigration, along with a host of other issues.

A vote on the bill lasting until Feb. 16 is expected at 10 p.m. Friday night — only two hours before a potential partial government shutdown.