Hundreds of Washington, D.C., residents turned out Saturday afternoon for a march and rally in support of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, where many backers danced to songs with lyrics about "feeling the Bern."

The event was the second to take place in the nation's capital and featured live music. "Feel the Bern" has become an official motto among supporters of the 74-year-old Vermont senator.

Approximately 300 local residents from Washington, Virginia and Maryland turned out at McPherson Square at noon to kick off a mile-long march to the African-American Civil War Memorial on U Street. There, at the historic Black Broadway corridor, about 200 attendees remained for a live harmonica folk band concert in front of the memorial.

The D.C. event was similar to many other marches also scheduled for the weekend in cities across the country.

"We use events like this to build momentum, get people fired up and of course get them signed up for canvassing and other volunteering," Coleson Breen, co-organizer for the Metro D.C. Democratic Socalists of America group, told the Washington Examiner.

The event was organized on Facebook by six local groups: D.C. for Bernie Sanders, D.C. Socialist Alternative, Northern Virginia Community College for Sanders, American University Students for Sanders, Columbia Heights for Sanders and D.C. Democratic Socialists of America.

Various leaders from the sponsoring organizations led the crowd in calls for a $15 minimum wage, end to racism and other progressive causes.

The outdoor crowd danced to the folk-rock band that headlined the rally, creating a giant clock-wise-spinning circle around the memorial.