Liz Cheney isn’t happy with whistleblower Edward Snowden for revealing the secret details of the National Security Agency surveillance programs.

“I don’t think you and I know exactly how this program worked but my anger, frankly, is very much directed at that young man that revealed the details of that program and fled to China,” she explained to Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Cheney said she supported NSA surveillance programs put into place during the George W. Bush administration with the support of her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“You know, I’m a supporter of the NSA program,” she said. “And I believe Admiral Hayden, for example, who has said that if it had been in place before 9/11 we may well have prevented that attack.”

Liz Cheney added that Obama was trying to have it both ways by declaring that the war was over, but at the same time relying on the wartime surveillance programs to keep the nation secure.

“If the president stands up and says, ‘The war is over,’ then he’s got a real credibility problem when he’s undertaking actions like this one, which clearly is something that you do at war,” she said.