Last night on FOX News, Sean Hannity featured Liz Cheney on his show, asking her to react to President Obama’s comments about her father – Vice President Dick Cheney.

Obama reminded Americans in an interview earlier this week that he was not Dick Cheney – when it came to supporting surveillance programs.

Cheney’s daughter smiled in response to the comment and told Hannity that she agreed with Obama.

“I do have to say, to give the president some credit, he continues to feel the need to proclaim that he’s not Dick Cheney, and every time I hear him say that, I have to say ‘absolutely,’ she said. “This president is nowhere near the man or the leader that Dick Cheney is.”

Cheney told Hannity that her father laughed when he heard Obama’s comment.

“My dad is a man of honor, a man of integrity, a man who’s got the courage of his convictions, a man who clearly understood and understands today what it takes to make this nation strong, keep the American people secure,” Cheney explained, “Every time Barack Obama says ‘I’m no Dick Cheney,’ anybody who knows Dick Cheney nods their head and says ‘You’re right.’”