Divided along party lines, four Howard County bloggers are taking their first opinionated stabs at local election coverage.

"You will undoubtedly see my bias come through (I can?t help it) on my posts," blogger David Keelan, the 2004 president of the Howard County Republican Club, states in the biography on his Web site.

But the bloggers say they ensure their accuracy by posting official documents, reader comments and links to traditional news sources.

"Obviously there are people who I want to win. I still have this yearning to be as objective and idea-focused as possible," said Ian Kennedy, who disclosed his name to The Examiner on Sunday after blogging anonymously since September.

Evan Coren created his blog to provide explanatory maps, graphics and an analysis of Columbia revitalization. Even politicians monitor the sites and leave comments.

"It allows us to see what other people?s perceptions are," said Greg Fox, a Republican who is running for County Council in District 5.

On Coren?s blog, Fox recently posted a response to his coverage of a candidates forum.

Blogs are a safe place for freedom of dialogue.

"I can?t talk about politics at work. I need an outlet to put my thoughts out there," said blogger David Wissing, whose site covers national and local politics.