Clementine season is in full swing -- in Spain of course -- and Jose Andres and his all-star team at Jaleo (480 Seventh St. NW and Bethesda and Crystal City locations) are celebrating the harvest with all new special clementine dishes. The citrus fruit is a cross between an orange and a Chinese mandarin, and it is most abundant throughout Spain. It's nicknamed the "Christmas Orange" because it's most ripe in December even though its season lasts until March.

The new tapas range from clementine salad with escarole and seared clementines with goat cheese to calamares a la plancha con clementinas and clementines and serrano ham. Jaleo's beverage team have also joined in on the celebration with three Clementine-inspired libations.

These specials will only last until Dec. 23 at all three of Jaleo's locations.


For those of you fashionistas out there, we assume you've heard of Scott Schuman, author of one of the most-read blogs in the fashion world -- the Sartorialist. Schuman created the blog back in 2005 and with a camera in hand, he set out on the streets of New York City and took pictures of people wearing clothing he thought was interesting. He'd then post it to his blog with commentary. He essentially pioneered the world of fashion photography and now travels around the globe documenting what he finds.

And that is exactly what his most recent book "The Sartorialist: Closer" is all about it. The book encompasses diverse fashion in various countries.

Sixth and I Historic Synagogue (600 I St. NW) will host Schuman for a book signing at 7 p.m. There will be no program except for the signing, but dress to be seen. Having the book in hand is the cost of admission.