The Redskins have made it clear they’d like Lorenzo Alexander back. They just have to make an offer that keeps him here.

Alexander said the Redskins’ initial offer was “not close” to what he and his agent are hoping to eventually receive. Of course, the Redskins’ salary cap situation remains an issue and they’ll be limited as to what they can offer many of their players.

While the Redskins still hope to recoup some of the lost $36 million in cap space — the Washington Post has reported they’ll try to get an injunction to delay the start of free agency, which begins March 12 — there’s no guarantee they’ll get any room back. Therefore they’ll have to make other moves, whether restructuring or perhaps cutting players they don’t want to lose.

They don’t want to lose Alexander. He’s their special teams captain, a Pro Bowler and a valuable backup linebacker, not to mention a strong community presence.

“They offered me a deal but obviously at this point I’m not going to jump into it and sign right away,” Alexander said. “There’s a lot of stuff going on. At this point we’ll play the waiting game and be patient and see what’s the best thing to do for myself and my family. Hopefully that’s with the Redskins . I don’t expect them to outbid anybody but from what I’ve done and sacrificed and what I’ve earned on the field, obviously that’s going to bring a certain dollar amount. There will be interest from other teams. But you really know when free agency starts what your value is.

“I’m willing to take less for the Redskins, but they have to be close. They can’t be way off.”

Alexander, who has been with Washington since 2006, said if the cap remains a problem that there’s already talk at Redskins Park about tough decisions needing to be made on players. He also understands the realities of the NFL, having been cut three times early in his career.

“I want to be here, but if I have to go I have to go,” Alexander said. “It’s part of the business. I came to grips with that a long time ago when I got cut a couple times. Once you’ve been cut you understand that anything can happen at any given time, especially when I’ve seen Pro Bowlers cut, Hall of Fame guys not re-signed so why couldn’t it happen to me?

“One of the sad things about playing in the NFL when you have guys who have been part of an organization for a long time and part of the community and then for business reasons you can’t come back. It’s something you have to come to peace with because it is hard and you have built loyalty with the team and a family atmosphere with the guys in the organization. With that said I have to worry about my family and myself and my future.”