The mayor of Los Angeles is currently pushing for a $1 billion renovation plan of the city's river -- despite the availability of cheaper options.

Though the Army Corps of Engineers has recommended a less-ambitious, $453 million alternative, Los Angeles officials continue to ask the Corps to approve their $1 billion plan to fix the Los Angeles River, according to the LA Times.

Meanwhile, Eric Garcetti, L.A.'s mayor, has teamed up with California's U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer to ramp up their efforts in Washington.

Recently, Garcetti has discussed the river's 11-mile-long renovation plan with President Obama.

Boxer, the Democrat who is head of the Senate committee which oversees Corps projects, said the cheaper alternative is "exactly the opposite of what the administration has committed to do in places like Los Angeles."

The river has been designated "a priority in initiatives to prompt conservation and recreation," by the Obama administration, Sen. Boxer said.

Garcetti has offered to split the cost of his $1 billion plan 50-50 with the Corps, according to the L.A. Times.

Currently, the Army Corps faces a demand for flood protection and projects elsewhere, including a backlog of work awaiting funding worth more than than $60 billion.

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