Malcolm Ramsey has 23 pairs of shoes and a shared bedroom overflowing with brand new goodies from a variety of stores -- all thanks to the largesse of the Florida Lottery, through which Ramsey recently won more than $400,000.

He also has paranoid schizophrenia and has been declared mentally incompent by the courts, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

What Ramsey doesn't have any more is half of his lottery winnings -- it's gone missing, and law enforcement and the courts are trying to figure out where it went (though it appears some of it has gone to fund some really snazzy gifts for relatives).

Another thing Ramsey many not have much longer: His Medicaid and government disability benefits, which have sustained him prior to his lottery win. His winnings may have made him ineligible to collect such funds.

Read the complete story in the the Times by reporter Susan Taylor Martin.

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