President Trump is expected to tap Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone to oversee the National Security Agency after the current director, Adm. Mike Rogers, retires in the spring, according to a new report.

Nakasone, who is head of the Army’s digital warfare branch, would not only run the NSA, but would also head the Pentagon’s digital warfare organization, the U.S. Cyber Command, Politico reported Tuesday.

It is uncertain when Trump will formally reveal his decision, but it appears that the announcement would occur within the next two weeks. As a result, the Senate Armed Services Committee would hold a confirmation hearing in March, with the possibility of another hearing from the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Earlier this month it was reported Rogers planned to retire from his post. He had been selected to run the NSA after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked secret information from the agency's surveillance programs.

The agency has lost top personnel recently amid major leaks. According to the Washington Post, several hundred hackers, engineers, and data scientists have abandoned the NSA since 2015.