Top White House budget officials have scrapped the media's moniker for President Trump economic plan, choosing "MAGAnomics" over "Trumponomics."

Explaining, White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney said Thursday, "You know, it's bigger than just this president. We're trying to make America great again."

Of course, MAGA stands for "Make America Great Again," Trump's campaign slogan and guide as he moves to remake the government and boost the economy beyond the recent history of 2 percent growth.

"There really is a tangible piece to it," said Mulvaney. "Three percent economic growth is the history of this nation, it's what made this nation great," he added.

Mulvaney said that Trump hopes that changes in spending, taxes and regulation will end the era of 2 percent growth and spark an increase to 3 percent.

Referring to the potential impact of greater growth, he said "The difference between those two countries is absolutely profound and that is what we're trying to unleash."

Asked if he came up with the name, Mulvaney said "I wish I could take credit for it." He credited Office of Management and Budget Communications Director John Czwartacki.

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