When President Obama finally delivers his long-promised morsels of climate change policy on Tuesday he will have an eager media waiting to lap it up, according to a new study of how the mainstream media covers global warming.

Media Research Center's Business and Media Institute, a conservative press watchdog, told Secrets that so far this year the Big Three broadcast channels have done 92 stories promoting the hazards and fears of global warming and climate change, not once noting what the New York Times called a "lull in warming."

According to the new analysis provided ot Secrets, "Those 92 stories discussed how flying would become more turbulent because of climate change, connected allergies to global warming, or just relied on climate scold Al Gore. When it came to stories mentioning scientific studies or experts, the networks once again spun that information by more than an 8-to-1 margin."

The report said that ABC, CBS and NBC "have spent years promoting global warming alarmism."

The key findings:

-- Recent years' slowdown in global warming completely ignored by networks 92 climate change stories in 2013.

-- Stories citing experts or the latest studies promoting alarmism get covered more than 8 times as often as critical experts and studies.

-- Although many scientists say no, ABC, CBS and NBC continue to link weather events like tornadoes, hurricanes, heat waves and more to climate change nearly one-fourth of the time.

One example cited by the group was NBC's January 8 report. "Newsanchor Brian Williams mentioned a new report on the cost of extreme weather saying 'natural disasters caused a total of $160 billion damage around the world in 2012 ... These new numbers coincide with a new official look at just how hot our past year was.' Anne Thompson followed up his introduction by linking the 'year of extreme weather' to "nature and man made climate change."

Dan Gainor, vice president of Business and Culture for the Media Research Center, said he was "embarrassed" for the networks. "The nation's most prominent liberal newspaper admits that we've hit a 'warming plateau' and the networks still ignore it. Media coverage of climate and weather long ago passed from reporting into faith. The networks are now relying on left-wing eco-nuts like [Al] Gore to run their newsrooms."

Gainor continued: "Almost as bad, nearly one-fourth of the stories tied weather to climate. This is the game the left and media have played for years. They claim every weather event - snow, drought, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes ... or the lack of those - can be linked to climate change. Even though reputable scientists constantly remind us that weather and climate are not the same. The networks need to follow the lead of the climate and cool their rhetoric."

Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at pbedard@washingtonexaminer.com.