This week's Mainstream Media Scream features CNN morning anchor Carol Costello laughing over the possibility the Republican-controlled House will shut down the government instead of doing "its job."

On Facebook on Friday, she wrote, "Anyway, in the news: The jobs report comes out today. It's expected to be 'meh.' Many economists think the economy could be a lot better if Congress did its job, but the House is, again, threatening to shut down the government. We've been down this road before...but, with an approval rating of 17 per cent, you'd think the House would come up with something new. Hahahahaaha."

Media Research Center Vice President of Research Brent Baker explains our pick: "Remarkable. Five years into Obamanomics, Costello's first instinct is blame conservatives for the bad economy and laugh about it. Maybe one reason for the low approval rating of Congress is the hostility journalists like Costello show toward House Republicans while not holding the president accountable."

Rating: Four out of five screams.

Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at