This week's Mainstream Media Scream features MSNBC host Chris Hayes on "All In" delighting in how the Cleveland kidnappings and the Jodi Arias murder conviction overshadowed the Benghazi hearings:

"Today was set up to be a big day, a very big day for Roger Ailes, the Fox Network, Drudge Report readers, the denizens of Michelle Malkin's website Twitchy, Sean Hannity's radio audience and Congressman Darrell Issa. Why? Because today was 'Benghazi day.'... Fox was all teed up, promos had been made, hosts were properly outraged, the coverage plan was in motion -- and then the cable news apocalypse happened."

Media Research Center Vice President of Research Brent Baker explains our pick: "Hayes reflected the epitome of MSNBC's mission of protecting President Obama, showing a disdain for real news as he snickered in delight over how a tabloid murder trial, of little significance, drowned out a political scandal of true import. Hayes is more a political gadfly than any kind of journalist."

Rating: Four out of five screams.