Our weekly look at the loudest screech from the mainstream media features NBC's David Gregory. On Thursday's Today show before the Supreme Court's Obamacare ruling, he warned of dire consequences if it were struck down 5-4: "Would that not underscore how dysfunctional our government is, the major institutions of our government are? That is a real nightmare scenario, I think, for the political class in this country." Yet three hours later when it was upheld 5-4, Gregory applauded Chief Justice John Roberts for "taking a big step here" in not allowing the court to be "too polarized."

Media Research Center Vice President of Research Brent Baker explains our pick: "Gregory beautifully illustrates the hypocritical lens through which the Washington press corps view politics. 5-4 decisions are bad when they go against liberals but are inspired when they go against conservatives. And journalists wonder why the public sees them as partisan players."

Rating: Three out of five screams.