Our weekly look at the loudest screech from the mainstream media features Morning Joe co-star Mika Brzezinski who last week exposed her clear allegiance to President Obama.

When Joe Scarborough asked her on his MSNBC show if she thinks Obama's effort, to blame George W. Bush for the poor economy, will work, she blurted: "Well, I'm hoping" before fretting "I think it's a tough sell." Scarborough guffawed at the admission. She added, "We should have taxed people who actually could have afforded it, but we didn't do that either. That leaves me very disappointed."

Media Research Center Vice President of Research Brent Baker explains our pick: "So much for hope and change, now it's help arrange the blame. An exasperated Brzezinski is just desperately hoping the public will buy Obama's blame-shifting, but even she realizes most won't buy it. A tough spot for an Obama sycophant."

Rating: Two out of five screams.