A 45-year-old man was arrested for the assault and robbery of an elderly woman at a Montgomery County Safeway, police said.

Ricky Antonio Jefferson, of Silver Spring, was charged with robbery, second-degree assault and theft under $100, according to Montgomery County police.

On Tuesday, the woman was leaving the Safeway, located at 13814 Outlet Dr. in the Briggs Chaney area, when a man approached her from behind, threw her to the ground, and took cash from her. The woman sustained minor injuries, police said.

After the incident, police released video and photographs of the robber to the public, and they also canvassed the area of the Safeway and asked people if they knew the assailant. Officers learned that the man went to the Brigs Chaney shopping center frequently and may live in the area.

Friday at about 5:30 p.m., officers saw Jefferson enter an apartment building in the 14100 block of Castle Boulevard. Police said he matched the suspect description and was wearing clothes similar to the ones that were worn in during the robbery.

A few hours later, Jefferson left the apartment building and started walking toward the shopping center. Officers then stopped and arrested him.