The man who President Trump retweeted Thursday morning had previously said on Twitter there are "enough of these jews" where he lives.

"We have enough of these jews where I live lol someone else take them . They just can't drive," Twitter user Jerry Travone tweeted Sunday morning in response to a story about British Jews moving abroad.

Travone appeared to have deleted the tweet Thursday afternoon.

Trump retweeted the meme of himself earlier Wednesday in which his body eclipses former President Obama's body. "The best eclipse ever!" reads the meme tweeted by Travone.

Travone's account lists his location as New Jersey. He describes himself as a "proud Trump supporter and pushback against liberalism."

A link in his bio to a T-shirt website redirects to the Jewish United Fund's website. Travone tweeted that his account had been "hacked."

A reply to that tweet from the T-shirt company claimed they "purposely" redirected the website "since you hate Jews."