Jeanne Monahan, the new March for Life director appeared on MSNBC this morning with Luke Russert asserting that Americans were increasingly pro-life, in spite of polling that shows that Americans are comfortable with the Roe vs. Wade decision.

During the interview, Russert used the two most common liberal tactics to portray pro-life activists as dangerous radicals.

First Russert brought up contraception, citing his experience with birth control as a student at Boston College, a private Jesuit university.

“I went to a Catholic University and the majority of the girls who went there were on some form of birth control,” Russert asserted, adding that while working on Capitol Hill he “knew a lot of Republican women” who also used birth control.

"Is being pro-life give you the right to try and restrict access to contraception?" asked Russert.

Monahan countered, "Those are two very different questions and right now we're talking about the abortion issue." Russert continued by asking her about her position on the death penalty, but Monahan reminded him that she was against the death penalty, the March for Life was primarily about ending abortion in America.

Monahan explained that being pro-life was “the new normal” citing Gallup polls that show that Americans increasingly identify themselves as pro-life.

“If you went to the March today you would see a number of young shining energetic faces, this isn’t an extreme radical issue, this is the new normal,” Monahan argued. “Being pro-life is a reasonable perspective.”

Monahan recently replaced the late Nellie Gray as the director of the March for Life, increasing her profile in the media. For more details, read this excellent profile of her today in the Washington Post

The March for Life takes place today on the National Mall in Washington D.C.