Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., slammed his Senate Republican colleagues for agreeing to go ahead with a vote on Thomas Perez for Labor Secretary. It was a “dereliction of duty,” Rubio said, to allow Perez to go forward.

Rubio reminded his colleagues in a Senate floor speech Wednesday that Perez is currently ignoring a bipartisan subpoena from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The subpoena in question seeks private emails by Perez that the Justice Department concedes involve official business in his current job as the Justice Department’s top civil rights officer.

Republicans believe the emails will shed light on an unusual quid pro quo deal Perez struck with the city of St. Paul. An Oversight Committee report argues Perez tried to cover up the deal from others in the government.

Perez has simply refused to turn over the emails. Rubio was aghast that Perez’s nomination is being allowed to go ahead given that fact. He argued Republicans should use the filibuster to demand Perez comply.

“For us to surrender these responsibilities is a dereliction of duty and that is wrong,” Rubio said.

He warned Democrats that creating a precedent for nominees to ignore subpoenas could come back to haunt them under the next Republican White House.