Sen. Marco Rubio predicted on Saturday that Senate Democrats will soon give up their insistence that a government funding bill must include language to protect Dreamers.

"Impossible to justify cancelling defense training & pay for military over demands for #DACA especially since doesn't expire for weeks," Rubio tweeted.

"Should NOT cave to this radical hostage taking," he added. "More @SenateDems are ready to soon begin to abandon this insane #SchumerShutdown."

Most Democrats late Friday voted down a bill that would have kept the government open for four weeks, and funded the Children's Health Insurance Program for six years.

Democrats are insisting that some language on Dreamers must be included in the spending bill. But Republicans say those talks are ongoing, and are stuck because Democrats are refusing a GOP demand for tougher border security as part of a Dreamer bill.

The GOP wants immigration talks to continue outside the spending bill, and Rubio indicated that Republicans would hold to that position.

"Democrat position on #Shutdown untenable," he tweeted. "Americans know it's better to keep govt. open while continuing to negotiate these other issues."