Florida Sen. Marco Rubio instructed residents about to be battered by Hurricane Irma not to venture out and risk being hit by falling debris. Instead, he suggested, they should watch "Games of Throne," a malapropism for the popular fantasy epic "Game of Thrones."

"Don't be the guy that gets killed by the tree, all right?" the Republican said at a Miami-area press conference Saturday morning, cautioning people against venturing out into the storm without good reason. "Every year, we have it – the guy that's standing around, the tree falls on their head. Don't be the guy or gal that gets killed by the tree."

For those with safe shelter and power, he added, "It's a great time to ... catch up on 'Games of Throne,' whatever it's called, I haven't watched it myself. If you're in the shelter, just ride it out at this point."

Rubio is among the many Florida officials who has been sharing emergency information and tips from state and federal authorities ahead of the devastation expected from Irma.

"Don't be the guy that gets killed by the shutters taking them down," Rubio continued. "Let's just ride this thing out."

On Friday, Rubio lightened up another press conference on the coming storm by taking a dig at the New England Patriots.