Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is on fire over the tyrannical suppression of protesters in Venezuela, and he wants President Obama's administration to do more to help.

"I'm hopeful that they will be more forceful about it," he said in an interview with the Washington Examiner on Tuesday. "I understand that they are concerned about what is happening in Venezuela, I would ask them that they should be more than concerned, they should be outraged by what's happening."

Rubio explained that the conditions in Venezuela were far worse than during the Honduras uprising in 2009, but President Obama had not given them nearly as much attention.

Rubio gave a passionate speech on the Senate floor Monday, highlighting the atrocities that are occurring in the country under President Nicolas Maduro, the hand-picked successor of former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

So far, the uprising has left at least 15 dead and 150 people wounded.

"This is actually happening in our own hemisphere," Rubio said. "You have this grotesque systematic violation of human rights, you have students being shot in the streets."

The Maduro regime, he explained, had sided with the most tyrannical governments -- not just Cuba but also North Korea, Syria, China, and Russia.

"You have a government there that is a puppet of Havana and an ally of virtually every dictator and tyrant on the planet," he said.