Regulations kill jobs. Republicans say that again and again. This appeals to ideological voters' opposition to government. It appeals to non-ideological voters' concerns about employment and the economy. But it doesn't tap into the average voters' moral sensibilities.

But here's the thing: Regulations are not only burdensome, they are often unfair efforts to rig the game in favor of the politically connected. Sen. Marco Rubio has figured out how to make fighting regulation a matter of battling against unfairness.

Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller has the story:

According to Rubio, most people believe “we need big government to protect the little guy,” but the case of Uber demonstrates to young people how “big government — more often than not — is an impediment to the guy who is striving.”

Rubio also cites this as an example of how some businesses use government regulations to destroy competition. “Imagine if Blackberry had been able to use regulations to keep down smart phones,” he averred. “Imagine if Blockbuster had been allowed to use regulations to keep down Netflix.”

Here's hoping Rubio follows this line of thinking and drops his support for the corporate-welfare sugar program.