Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Sunday he doesn't think President Trump is opposed to additional sanctions against Russia.

"I personally believe that at the core of the resistance is not the president," Rubio said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "And I don't think the president himself has a problem with additional sanctions on Russia."

The Senate passed a bill Thursday that added new sanctions against Russia while including language that would stop the president from being able to lift the sanctions without approval from Congress. The legislation now heads to the House.

"The president will have to make a decision about whether he'll sign that or not," Rubio said of the legislation. "I hope he does. I believe there are sufficient votes in place to encourage him to do so."

The amendment would sanction Russia for a variety of misdeeds, including the nation's encroachment into Ukraine and aggressive actions in Syria, by codifying punishment put in place under the Obama administration.

The Senate vote on the Russia measure came after days of bipartisan negotiations. Democrats insisted the provision include language saying only Congress can lift the sanctions, even though Trump administration officials have said they do not intend to lift them.

Susan Ferrechio contributed to this story.