Florida Sen. Marco Rubio praised President Trump's new Cuba policy as a way to undermine the Cuban military while still allowing Americans to travel to the Caribbean nation.

Rubio said on CBS Sunday Trump's new Cuba policy is "an effort to strengthen individual Cubans."

Americans will still be allowed to travel to Cuba without the government's permission, he said. "When they get there, they have to spend their money with individual Cubans who have private businesses," he said.

"We want to put them in a privileged position so American travelers to Cuba will have to spend their money with them instead of the Cuban military," Rubio said.

Rubio appeared alongside Trump in Miami when Trump announced that he was rolling back some of President Obama's more open-door policies toward Cuba.

However, the most popular parts of Obama's policy — allowing Americans to travel to Cuba more freely and allowing those travelers to bring back Cuban rum and cigars — will stay in place.